Dawah Technique course By Khalid Yasin 4 cd set

Dawah Technique course By Khalid Yasin 4 cd set audio cds in Mp3 format , great lectures by the best shekh Khalid yasin you can download them en shaa Allah
1- principles and Characteristics of the Da'ee
2- strategies , Techniques of Da'wah
3- Assessment chart
4- wheel of disposition
5- know the issues , prepare to be challenged
6- Da'wah resources
7- da"wah Tools
8- spiritual training

1- principles and Characteristics of the Da'ee
1- they must have correct knowledge
2- they must understand the Islamic Manhaj method
3- they must understand whom they are speaking to
4- they must exhibit wisdom and Tawheed
5- they must have a strong arguments for tawheed
6- they must be aware of the major religions
7- they should be aware of major concepte
8- they should be clean in their appearance
9- they should have honorable source of their livelihood
10- they must have a willingness to cooperate and willingness to support others in work
11- they should show reliance upon Allah and face challenges
Every Cd can be extracted by it self , u do not need to download 4 Cds hope u like them
first cd

this cd has 24 files
size about the 65 Mb
2ed CD
this Cd has 26 files
size about the 72 Mb
3ed CD
this Cd has 17 files
size about the 48 Mb
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